Worster Summer Research Fellowship

Congratulations to the 2018 Worster Summer Research Fellows!

The eighth annual Worster Summer Research Symposium will be held in Fall 2018 during which the research of the six fellowship teams will be presented.

Dolev Bluvstein, Single Spin Imaging Using a Diamond Nitrogen-Vacancy Center
Advised by Zhiran Zhang (PI: Ania Jayich)

James Ehrets, Strongly Correlated Physics in an Ultra-Clean ABC-Stacked Trilayer Graphene Superlattice
Advised by Haoxin Zhou (PI: Andrea Young)

Xue (Sophia) Han, Probing Quantum Coherence in a Neutral Atom-NV Center Interface
Advised by Alec Jenkins (PI: Ania Jayich)

Gavin Niendorf, Worster Research Proposal
Advised by Giulia Collura (PI: Joseph Incandela)

Nick O'Dea, Detection of Free Posner Molecules in Search of Biological Quantum Processing
Advised by Joshua Straub (PI: Matthew Fisher)

Jack Roten, Four Stabilized Optical Cavities for Precision Measurement of Strontium and Radium
Advised by Craig Holliman (PI: Andrew Jayich)


2017 Worster Research Fellows and Mentors with Bruce and Susan Worster


The Worster family has graciously given the Physics department a gift to support the development of graduate and undergraduate research in physics through a mentoring program that pairs an undergraduate with a graduate student mentor during the summer.

Undergraduates who will graduate in June 2018 are NOT eligible for this award. Sophomores are encouraged to apply.

Fellowship recipients will be obligated to commit a minimum of 10 weeks to the project, to give a presentation at an end-of-summer symposium and to provide a written summary of their team's progress and accomplishments at the end of the fellowship.  The Worsters will be invited to attend the symposium and the summaries will be sent to them in the fall as part of a package thanking them for this important gift.

The fellowship is to perform research for 10 weeks during the summer under the direct supervision of a mentoring graduate student. The undergraduate students are expected to dedicate their full attention to their research. Research fellows will not be permitted to register for classes during the summer quarter.Both undergraduate and graduate students will be required (and faculty will be encouraged) to attend bi-monthly meetings in which the undergraduates will give brief progress reports. Meeting dates and times will be made available soon.

Graduate fellowship recipients will receive $1000. Undergraduate fellowship recipients will receive $4500.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Andrew Jayich or Sathya Guruswamy via e-mail.