Worster Summer Research Fellowship

Worster Summer Research Fellowship

The Worster family has graciously given the Physics department a gift to support the development of graduate and undergraduate research in physics through a mentoring program that pairs an undergraduate with a graduate student mentor during the summer.

Application Instructions and Available Research Projects


2016 Worster Summer Research Fellowship Program


Sylvia Madlow presenting about microwave kinetic inductance detectors.


2016 Worster Summer Research Fellows

Yi Guo, Gas Inflows and Outflows in Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxies at z ~ 0.1
Advised by Stephanie Ho (PI: Crystal Martin)


Sean Hare, Tracking DNA Polymerase Motion with Single-Molecule Optical Encoders
Advised by Bill Flaherty (PI: Everett Lipman)


Morgan Brubaker, Subdiffraction Acoustics with Diffusion-Limited Aggregates
Advised by Kevin Singh (PI: David Weld)


Chris Reetz, Designing Diamond AFM Tips for Nanoscale Imaging of Room Temperature Magnetic Skyrmions
Advised by Alec Jenkins (PI: Ania Jayich)


Daniela Koch, Streamline Classification in Human Structural Brain Imaging Data
Advised by Joshua Mueller (PI: Jean Carlson)


David Guevel, Optical Follow-Up of Gravitational Waves
Advised by Griffin Hosseinzadeh (PI: Andy Howell)