The Donaldson Charitable Trust funds instructional improvements

We are proud to announce that the Oliver S. and Jennie R. Donaldson Charitable Trust has provided a generous gift to the UCSB Physics Department, funding equipment that will improve a laboratory course required for physics majors.

Physics 128, known as Senior Lab, is a rigorous two quarter (six month) laboratory class that all senior students must complete in order to earn their Bachelor of Science degree. This course is an opportunity for students to master the experimental process and develop critical analytical skills, allowing them to connect their previous theoretical class work to experiment. The equipment funded by this grant will facilitate proposed lab clusters that include microwave physics; the study of fundamental constants; atomic and nuclear measurement; and the field of atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics.

Our sincere thanks to the Donaldson Charitable Trust and their investment in our students' learning environment. The additions and upgrades funded by this gift will help us achieve our goal of improving the laboratory experience, preparing undergraduates for their future and providing a more competitive workforce.

Some examples of proposed equipment shown below:

Rubidium Optical Pumping Kit
Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus