Special Seminar - Magnetic Skyrmion in Thin Films: Transport, Dynamics, and Detection

Event Date: 

Thursday, May 21, 2015 - 11:00am

Event Location: 

  • 1601 Elings Hall


Brian Youngblood, UC Irvine



Skyrmions, topologically protected, particle-like "whorls" of magnetization, are a promising platform for extremely low-power spintronic memory and information processing due to the ease with which they can be manipulated. Lately, cost-effective methods of preparing skyrmion-hosting materials have been developed, adding to their attractiveness for technological applications.

In this talk I will briefly describe skyrmion magnetization structures and how they arise in magnetic materials. Skyrmion stability and responses to small spin polarized currents and other driving mechanisms will be discussed. I will also present my work on sputter deposition of skyrmion-hosting MnSi and FeGe thin films. These will be compared to MBE-grown films and thinned single crystals of the same materials. I will conclude with some prospects for applying new scanning probe techniques to real- space skyrmion observation.