Physics Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium

Event Date: 

Friday, September 11, 2015 - 1:30pm to 4:00pm

Event Location: 

  • KITP Auditorium (1403 Kohn Hall)

Event Contact: 

All are welcome at the second annual Physics Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium.  Undergraduate researchers respresenting ten different groups will present their summer research in five minute talks.  Faculty, postdocs, and graduate students are especially encouraged to attend. Please support undergraduate research in our department!

**Refreshments sponsored by UCSB Physics Dept.**



1:30 Adrian Molzon (Saleh)
Is it an entropic spring? Temperature Dependence of ssDNA

1:38 Nathaniel Conrad (Fygenson)
Viscoelasticity reveals fractal nature of DNA Nanostar gels

1:46 John Devany (Fygenson)
Mapping the Path to Self-Assembly of DNA Nanotubes

1:54 Sebastian Arias (Fygenson)
DNA Origami Aggregation as a Function of Staple Strand Concentration in Solution

2:04 Hunter Nicholson (E. Gwinn)
Machine Learning for Designing DNA-stabilized Silver Clusters

2:12 Sreekar Molakalapalli (Levi)
Phase equilibria between Thermal Barrier Coatings and Silicate Melts

2:20 Sam Aronson (Sherwin)
Developing Anti-Reflection Coatings for Polyethylene Lenses at 240 GHz

2:28 Michael Balcewicz (Sherwin)
Automation of Laser Delay Stage for Precise two Pulse EPR Experiments

2:36 - 2:50 Break

2:50 Morgan Brubaker (Weld)
Ultrasound Generation via the Photoacoustic Effect in Nanostructured Materials

2:58 William Luszczak (Monreal)
Electron Drift Simulations in GEM Detectors

3:06 Krysten Pfau (Lubin)
Roadmap to the Stars: Working with CubeSats To Test Directed Energy Propulsion

3:14 Jonathan Madajian (Lubin)
Simulations of directed energy thrust on rotating asteroids

3:22 Qicheng Zhang (Lubin)
Methods for Intergalactic Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

3:30 Zheng Chuen Wong (Arcavi)
Discovering stars disrupted by black holes

3:38 Evan Yerger (Blaes)
Convection-Modified Turbulence in Magnetic Accretion Disks