Special Physics Seminar: SPIN AND MAJORANA QUBITS

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016 - 11:00am

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  • Elings 1601

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Modern computers store information classically, using the charge of electrons, and quantum effects remain a detail rather than a resource. Even in today's tiniest transistors maintaining coherent quantum superpositions of charge states is a fruitless challenge.

At sufficiently low temperatures, however, new degrees of freedom emerge in semiconducting-superconducting devices that are neutral, coherent, and useful for processing quantum information. Curiously, these neutral qubit encodings allow for coherent control by local voltage pulses - a paradoxical property on first thought, but on second thought offering a powerful and scalable paradigm for the realization of quantum computers. 

In this talk, Ferdinand Kuemmeth will illustrate how these concepts can be harnessed in the contexts of semiconducting spin qubits and topological superconducting nanowires, including an overview of his recent experimental results.