LCO Lecture Series

Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network

LCO Lecture Series

The Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telesope Network, the Department of Physics at UC Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum (SBNHM) share an important and fundamental goal: education.

LCOGT is establishing a world-class outreach effort through construction of small telescope networks and an astronomical outreach website. The SBMNH places a high priority on public education, and astrophysics is an excellent field for this endeavor because of the intrinsic public appeal and the strong local community of amateur astronomers. The Department of Physics is building its efforts in astrophysics, and expanding the research horizons of our graduate students is a high priority.

Thanks to the generosity and support of LCOGT these three organizations are partnering to bring an eminent astrophysicist to Santa Barbara once a year. The astronomer presents a high profile public lecture in the Fleischmann Auditorium at the SBMNH, two graduate level lectures at UCSB to physics graduate students on the frontiers in the field, and interact with the scientific/outreach staff at LCOGT. These lectures will be taped and available for distribution by DVD and web-streaming.

This annual lecture series provides an opportunity for community members, students and scientists in Santa Barbara to interact with these high profile scientists from around the work and learn about the frontiers of the exciting fields of astrophysics and cosmology.


2012 Las Cumbres Observatory Lecture
Thursday, April 26, 2012

Exploring the Universe from the South Pole 
An Evening with Professor John E. Carlstrom


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