Three UCSB Physics Professors Elected Fellows of the APS

Lars Bildsten has been elected APS fellow for his numerous pioneering contributions to stellar astrophysics including thermonuclear instabilities, propagating combustion fronts, gravitational wave phenomena, time domain astronomy, stellar explosions, asteroseismology, and the many ways that stars evolve and manifest themselves to observations.

David Morrison (Departments of Mathematics and Physics) has been elected for his many contributions between geometry and physics, including spacetime singularities and topology change in string theory, generalizatons of AdS/CFT duality, and foundational work in F theory.

Anthony Zee has been elected for his wide-ranging impact on particle physics, quantum field theory, condensed matter physics, cosmology, and biophysics, and in recognition of his unique popular writings and textbooks.

Lars Bildsten
David Morrison
Anthony Zee