Worster Summer Research Symposium

The Worster Summer Research Symposium showcases research conducted over the summer by six physics majors, all  working under the direct supervision of graduate student mentors.  Fields of research range from astrophysics, to condensed matter, biophysics, theoretical and high energy physics.  Since the program was first endowed by Bruce and Susan Worster in 2011 the total number of Worster Research Fellows is now 30. 

The 2015 Undergraduate-Graduate teams include:

Jacob Hines and Kurt Fujiwara (Prof. David Weld)

Imtiaz Ali and Kimberly Schlesinger (Prof. Jean Carlson)

Raamis Hussain and Owen Colgrove (Prof. Joseph Incandela)

Ethan Nadler and Suoqing Ji (Prof. Peng Oh)

Kyle Kawagoe and Kevin Kuns (Prof. Boris Shraiman)

Chris Sercel and Alexander Zibrov (Prof. Andrea Young)