Monday, Feb. 27th: Organization, dynamics, and coordination of cortical networks in humans and rodents

Event Date: 

Monday, February 27, 2017 - 12:30pm

Event Date Details: 

Hosted by Boris Shraiman and Kenneth Kosik


Event Location: 

  • KITP Auditorium (Kohn Hall
  • Room 1403)
  • KITP Seminar

Understanding the organization, dynamics and coordination of brain networks requires neural in vivo recording methods that span multiple spatiotemporal scales, and advanced, scalable analysis to extract interpretable structure from the ensuing data. Here, I will describe multiscale electrophysiological recordings directly from human cortex during speech production, and, using analogous devices, from rodent cortex during sound perception. To enhance analysis of such data, we developed a novel framework for predictive and interpretable statistical/machine learning at scale. Together, these tools provide a powerful means of interrogating in vivo neural networks across spatiotemporal scales. Future work will utilize these tools to understand sensorimotor organization, dynamics, and coordination in rats performing a complex behavior.