Tuesday, May 9th: Stellar (and Quasi-stellar) Astrophysics and Galactic Archeology--2020

Event Date: 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 4:00pm

Event Date Details: 

Refreshments served at 3:40 pm.

Event Location: 

  • Broida Hall
  • ROOM 1640
  • Physics Colloquium

As of February 2017, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey has successfully commenced observations in the Southern Hemisphere with the APOGEE-2S spectrograph.  I will present a number of scientific highlights anticipated from this program specifically related to unraveling the (sub) structure of the Milky Way using RR Lyrae stars whose exquisite distance information allows us to reach the very inner and outer Galaxy with high fidelity.  I will also describe the current plans for a Next Generation Sky Survey that will begin After SDSS-IV --- AS4.  This survey aims to take full advantage of the leaps and bounds made in astronomical data science as well as in robotic and highly-multiplexed astronomical instrumentation to spectroscopically map millions of stars for the purposes of unraveling the history of the Milky Way galaxy as well as enhancing our physical understanding of how stars, galaxies and black holes work.

Juna Kollmeier, Carnegie Observatories