Reimbursement - Travel/Expense/Entertainment

  • Expense (Materials & Supplies)
  • Entertainment (Food and Meals) 
  • Travel Domestic & Foreign

*** Read the campus-wide Travel reimbursement policy here and the Entertainment reimbursement policy here ***

For any travel other than a direct route from Santa Barbara with no personal time, contact PRIOR to booking.

Foreign Visitors

Foreign visitors requiring reimbursement are requested to bring their passport & I-94 form along with receipts to Broida 5014.  Should all necessary paperwork not be available before the visitor's departure, these can be sent via e-mail (see contact) or postal to:

Travel Reimbursement
Physics Department
5014 Broida Hall
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9530

Please don't forget to include a copy of the picture portion of the passport and the I-94 form if not previously submitted.


Debbie Ceder 

5014 Broida Hall

-Phone/Fax: 805-893-2058


Anneclaire Cain 

3019 Broida Hall

-Phone/Fax: 805-893-5369

Reimbursement Forms (PDF)

Declaration of Missing Evidence

Domestic Meal Reimbursement Log Sheet

Domestic Travel Worksheet

Foreign Travel Worksheet

Expense/Entertainment Reimbursement Form