Live Broadcast of the Inaugural Fundamental Physics Prize Ceremony

Event Date: 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 12:00pm

Joe Incandela and Joe Polchinski to be recognized at the ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland on March 20!

UCSB Physics Professors and Milner Foundation Prize Recipients, Joe Incandela and Joe Polchinski, will be recognized at the Fundamental Physics Prize Ceremony on March 20.

The inaugural Fundamental Physics Prize Ceremony will be broadcast live from Geneva, Switzerland on March 20 at 12:15p.m. PST.   The direct link for viewing the event is

Special Fundamental Physics Prize:
A $3,000,000 special Fundamental Physics Prize will be shared by the leaders of the LHC, CMS, and ATLAS who led the effort to discover a higgs-like particle at CERN's Large Hadron Collider.  $1M of this prize will be divided between the CMS Spokespersons: Joe Incandela, Michel Della Negra, Tejinder Singh Virdee, and Guido Tonelli.

2013 Physics Frontiers Prize:
Joe Polchinksi is one of five physicists to be awarded the 2013 Physics Frontiers Prize for his contributions in many areas of quantum field theory and string theory.   Physics Frontiers Prize laureates will each receive $300,000 and will automatically be nominated for the Fundamental Physics Prize each year for the next 5 years