Worster Symposium

Event Date: 

Friday, October 18, 2013 - 2:00pm

Event Location: 

  • Broida 1640

Event Contact: 

David Berenstein (dberens@physics.ucsb.edu)

Refreshments provided

Each of the six undergrad-graduate student research teams from the Summer 2013 Worster Program will be presenting a talk on their research conducted this summer. Each student presentation will be approximately 25 minutes in length.



2:00pm -- Introduction by David Berenstein and Fyl Pincus

“Terahertz dielectric spectroscopy of proton conductors” -- Andrew Pierce & Devin Edwards (Sherwin group)

“Generation of Repumping Light by Second Harmonic Generation” -- Ted Robinson & Shankari Rajagopal (Weld group)

“Spin label detection and imaging with a single electronic spin in diamond” -- Ananda Das & Bryan Myers (Jayich group)

3:15pm -- Break for refreshments

“Image Analysis of ARCONS Observation in Palomar Observatory” -- Yin Lin & Paul Szypryt (Mazin group)

“Network Studies of Dynamic Human Brain Function” -- Liz Davison & Kimberly Schlesinger (Carlson group)

“Tunable Optical Lattices for Cold Atom Experiments” -- Alan Long & Ruwan Senaratne (Weld group)



Broida 1640

Friday, October 18th


Refreshments served!



The Worster family has graciously given their gift to support the development of graduate and undergraduate research in physics through a mentoring program that pairs an undergraduate with a graduate student mentor during the summer. All graduate students that have their thesis committee chaired by a physics faculty member are eligible to apply for this award, but only undergraduates who have declared themselves Physics majors can be supported. We anticipate funding 6 grad-undergrad teams in 2013.