Graduate Learning Outcomes

Physics PhD Program Learning Outcomes

Core Knowledge:  Students should be able to

  • Apply the laws of physics in classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, and statistical mechanics at a level commensurate with current standards in physics.
  • Demonstrate mastery of advanced physics within their chosen subfield.  For theorists, demonstrate breadth of knowledge outside their chosen subfield as well.
  • Demonstrate fluency in comprehension of the primary research literature in their chosen subfield.


Research Methods and Analysis:  Students should be able to

  • Conduct primary research literature searches in their chosen subfield.
  •  Apply theoretical and/or experimental tools, as appropriate, to make progress in expanding the frontiers of physics knowledge.


Scholarly Communication:  Students should be able to

  • Communicate effectively the results of their research to professionals within their subfield, and within the broader physics community, through both oral presentation and written work.


Independent Research:  Students should be able to

  • Complete an original, creative project that demonstrably advances human knowledge within their subfield.