Department Advising

Department Advising

Academic advising is a major part of your educational experience here at UCSB. We are a resource, so take advantage of us! Come in and see us at any time during office hours. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00-11:30 am and 1:00- 3:30 pm. Please email either the undergraduate or graduate staff adviser for an appointment. A peer adviser is  also available.

In the Physics Department, we strive to make prospective and current students feel welcome, and to provide the most up-to-date information leading those students to success. To do this, we have set up a unique system of undergraduate advisors: general undergraduate advising, peer advising, faculty advisors and teaching assistants.

Our undergraduate advising team consists of a staff member and five faculty members. The freshman advisor for this year will become the sophomore advisor next year; the sophomore advisor for this year will become the junior advisor for next year, etc. This way, students continue with the same advisor throughout their undergraduate career at UCSB.

Faculty Advisors

We also have a network of five undergraduate faculty advisors who are assigned to a specific class level.

Please contact each individual advisor directly to schedule an appointment.

Transfer Students

More information for undergraduate transfer students can be found here.

Teaching Assistants

On the first floor of Broida Hall, in 1019, there is the Physics Study Room (PSR). Each teaching assistant (TA) of a lower division lab holds office hours in this room. The TA is an academic resource. Students can walk in at any time during office hours, work with a TA, get advice, or just get to know the TAs and fellow classmates. The current schedule of PSR office hours can be found here.

Graduate Advisor