Junior and Senior Recommended Course Schedule


PHYS 160A-ZZ and PHYS 260A-ZZ do not count toward major requirements.

Interested in taking a graduate physics course?  Please email gradapp@physics.ucsb.edu. Taking a graduate course does not guaratee a wavier for an upper division course.

Physics Electives

For Physics Majors and Minors, electives are required. Below is a list of courses in the Physics Department that may be used to fulfill those requirements. Courses not listed must be approved by your Faculty Advisor via Petition for Degree Requirements and/or Progress Checks.

» Course descriptions are found on the UCSB General Catalog

*Courses are typically offered during this quarter, but may be subject to change based on instructor availability. It is advised to check with the Department when trying to create a course schedule.


A full listing of the current physics course offerings is given here