Worster Application Instructions

******** Worster Application Instructions: *******

Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered. The complete applications for this award are due by Monday, April 15, 2019 at 2:00 p.m.

A complete application consists of the following items, all included in one PDF file (with the exception of #5 if the letter is to be kept confidential) and in the following order:


1. Brief (≤ 2 pages) description of the research project and how the undergraduate student will participate. This is to be prepared by the graduate student.

2. CV of the graduate student, specifying their progress toward their degree and any prior mentoring experience.

3. Brief (≤ 2 pages) statement from the undergraduate regarding his or her professional goals and any prior research experience. It is anticipated that fellowship awardees will pursue senior honors thesis during the 2019-2020 or 2021-2021 academic year and express their intent to do so.  In addition, undergraduate promise, experience, and GPA in their major will factor into the decision for funding. Please put your name in the top corner of your document.

4. Transcript (from Gold) of the undergraduate student.

5. Letter of support from the graduate student's thesis advisor. The letter should demonstrate a commitment to supervise the project and be actively involved. If this letter of support is to be kept confidential, it should be sent by the thesis advisor to JD Dill


- Send the complete PDF file to JD Dill. Be sure to name the file as follows: Undergraduate Student's Last Name_Graduate Student's Last Name_Faculty Advisor's Last Name.

- Deliver one printed copy to the Physics Department administrative offices in Broida 3019.