1) UCSB Physics Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

2) Getting Help in the Physics Study Room (PSR)

Typically, all TAs and LAs for Physics hold office hours in the PSR, Broida Hall, Room 1019, located on the first floor behind the elevator. The PSR is open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday when classes are in session. The PSR will be closed Fridays from 12:00pm to 1:00pm and on holidays. Schedule is due to change with COVID protocols.

 The PSR is a quiet tutored study space where students can get help when a TA or LA from their course is present.

There are 5 main rules for the PSR, they are as follows:
1. PSR is for QUIET tutored STUDY.
2. Students will work independently or in groups of at most four.
3. TAs and LAs are only responsible for questions from their course(s).
4. Students whose course's TAs or LAs are present will have priority.
5. Students will follow all directions given by TAs' LAs, Staff, and Faculty.
TA and LA office hours can be found on the PSR Office Hours Schedule.

An alternative resource created by undergraduates is the physics discord. The UCSB Physics Discord is a place where you can chat with your peers, either with anyone within the department or solely with classmates. This resource is a university organization, but not monitored by the department.

During the summer, the PSR hours are reduced. There should be a TA in the PSR at all times, and any TA should be able to help you with problems in any Physics class.

At the beginning of each quarter, the PSR will open on the 3rd day of classes. This can be subject to change. The PSR may be open finals week Monday through Thursday at varying times -- check the schedule for finals week. These hours are subject to change, and will be updated accordingly.

3) Lecture Demonstration Webpage



4) Society of Physics Students


5) Women in Physics


6) Senior Lab 3-D Printer


7) Diversity Resources


8)  Worster Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship in Physics


9) Physics Today Job Search Link


10) Graduate School Information 



  • Physics Circus
    The Physics Department has sponsored this exciting K-12 outreach program since 1998. The Circus takes CSC equipment on the road to local schools for an action-packed learning experience led by enthusiastic Physics Department graduate students, undergraduate students, and faculty.
  • CSEP Science Center
    The CSC has been a valuable outreach asset at UCSB for over 25 years. The CSC contains a host of hands-on science equipment, allowing students to learn about a variety of topics in an interactive way. For example, there is equipment for student use that demonstrates conservation of momentum, flow of fluids, or principles of electricity.