Student Groups

Physics Student Groups:


Undergraduate Diversity and Inclusion in Physics (UDIP)

Undergraduate Diversity and Inclusion in Physics, or UDIP, is a club committed to creating a welcoming environment within the physics department at UCSB. We hold weekly meetings to allow physics majors to have a space to interact with one another and talk about issues they may face. UDIP also hosts a variety of workshops throughout the year to help students learn how to code, promote mental health and well being, and allow students other venues to meet their peers.


Society of Physics Students (SPS)

The UCSB Society of Physics Students is an organization of UCSB students united by a common interest in physics. Our SPS encourages students of any physics background to network with fellow students, interact with faculty, explore diverse areas of cutting edge physics research, and consider the broad range of careers a training in physics makes available.


Women in Physics (WiP)

The Women in Physics group at UCSB hosts events that promote a positive environment for women in the department, including socials, parties, workshops, mentoring opportunities and guest speakers.


Black Students in STEM, UCSB Chapter (BLKSTM)

Our mission is to provide support and a voice to Black students in STEM with a common desire to shift systemic racism and the lack of black undergraduates, graduates, post-docs, and
faculty in STEM. We will educate, inform, and stand with Black STEM students who may experience challenges within their majors. We will provide support by formulating the best plan(s) of action for given issues presented to us by our peers to ensure the successful completion of their major.