Physics Waiting List Policy


  1. Physics majors need to register for PHYS, MATH and CHEM courses during Pass 1. 

  2. Please do not ask your instructors, teaching assistants or any of the physics advisers to help you add, drop or switch courses.

  3. PHYS 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5: Pass 1 is open to CRSTU, CHEM, EARTH, EARTH, ENGR and MATH majors only. Email if you are one of the listed majors and cannot enroll. All other majors must wait until the second pass time.

  4. PHYS 6A, 6B and 6C: Prioritized by units and class level.

  5. PHYS 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25: Pass 1 is open to L&S and CCS PHYS majors only. Top priority to physics major, by units and class level.

  6. PHYS upper division coureses (required or elective): Pass 1 and Pass 2 are open to L&S and CCS senior and junior PHYS majors only. Prioritized by units and class level.

  7. We are unable to assist students in getting back into courses they accidentally dropped after “open registration” period has ended. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of registration/enrollment timelines/deadlines ( 

  8. We are unable to assist students in getting back into courses they were dropped from due to billing/collection issues. 

  9. We are unable to assist students in getting back into courses they were dropped out of by the Department due to lack of attendance. If you are going to miss class and have a valid reason, please contact your faculty member prior to the course. Exceptions will only be made for emergency situations. 



  1. You must be enrolled in a lecture prior to enrolling in a lab.

  2. Do not enroll in a lab that conflicts with the lecture or any other course. None of the instructors or teaching asistants can help you switch labs.

  3. If you drop the lecture, you will be dropped from the lab. No exceptions can be made.

  4. You may drop the lab and keep the lecture.

  5. Please check GOLD to see which group (A or B) or (Y or B) you are enrolled in, e.g. 2324A, 3332Y

  6. PHYS 6AL, 6BL and 6CL are held in two-week blocks. There are four blocks in a quarter. Students assigned to an "A" room (e.g. 2324A) will meet the first week of the block. Students in the "B" room (e.g. 2324B) will meet the second week of the block. Note: Blocks can be consecutive or nonconsecutive weeks depending on holidays. Check schedules posted in and outside the lab room. All labs scheduled are posted at

  7. PHYS 3L and 4L: Students may be assigned a Y(ellow) or B(lue) lab room, e.g. 3332Y or 2316B. The Y and B groups have separate lab schedules. Please check the schedule posted in and outside of the lab rooms (2316 and 3332). Also, all lab schedules are posted at

  8.  Attendance is mandatory. Students are expected to attend the first and all subsesequent labs.

  9. Students may only make up one lab with a written, verifiable medical, athletic or religious excuse. Please make arrangements with your teaching assistant prior to make-up week. See page iv in the lab manual for details.



  • Check GOLD during your first and second pass time for availability and deadlines,

  • Add as spaces become available during the first week of classes. Lower division courses are prioritized by a first-come, first-served basis. Upper division courses will be prioritized by class level.

  • A waiting list will be enabled during the second pass time or when a course has filled. GOLD will automatically add students when spaces becomes available.

  • Students should  not contact the instructor or teaching assistant for an approval code prior to the first week of class.

  • The teaching assistant handles approval codes for the labs. Please do not ask any of the faculty or advisers for any lab approval codes.

  • Students should NOT show up to lab to crash or ask for an add code.

  • Adding yourself to the waiting list does not guarantee enrollment in the course.

  • Students are expected to attend the first and all subsequent lectures, discussions and labs.

  • Once labs (PHYS 3L, 4L, 5L, 6AL, 6BL and 6CL) are full, no approval codes will be given. No exceptions can be made due to safety and fire codes.


What should the students do if they decide not to take the course anymore?


How long do students have to enroll after given an add code?

The students are given 24 hours after being given the add codes to enroll in the class.  If the student does not enroll within that timeframe, his/her spot will be given to the next student.