Mark Sherwin and members of a multi-University team employ a powerful laser with an old technology for studying atomic-level structures

A multi-university team has employed a high-powered laser based at UC Santa Barbara to dramatically improve one of the tools scientists use to study the world at the atomic level. The team used their amped-up electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrometer to study the electron spin of free radicals and nitrogen atoms trapped inside a diamond.

The improvement will pull back the veil that shrouds the molecular world, allowing scientists to study tiny molecules at a high resolution.

UCSB members of the research team include Physics Professor Mark Sherwin, Research Scientist Louis Claude Bruenel,  and Graduate Student, Devin Edwards.

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UCSB's Free Electron Laser
Left to right:Hans van Tol, Susumu Takahashi, Mark Sherwin, Devin Edwards, and Louis-Claude Brunel