Special Physics Seminar: Wednesday, February, 14th: CUORE and ABRACADABRA: Two searches for new physics at the edge of absolute zero.

Event Date: 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 2:00pm

Event Location: 

  • Broida 3302
  • Special Physics Seminar

The search for Neutrinoless double beta (0???) decay and the search to explain the Dark Matter abundance of the Universe are among the leading questions in physics today. 0??? decay is a hypothesized extremely rare decay, that could, among many other things explain the nature of the neutrino mass and have relevance to the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe. CUORE is a ton-scale bolometric detector searching for the 0??? decay of 130Te. CUORE began taking data in 2017 and recently released the first results from this search. The existence of dark matter is well supported by many cosmological and astrophysical observations. But we have not yet been able to determine how this mysterious type of matter fits into our understanding of particle physics. ABRACADABRA is a proposed experiment to search for ultralight axion Dark Matter (ADM). We search for ADM through its effect on Maxwell's
equations with a novel detector setup and sensitive SQUID readout. At MIT, we are commissioning a 10 cm scale prototype that will quickly be sensitive to untested regions of parameter space. In this talk, I will give an overview of the first results from the CUORE experiment and discuss the design of and prototype for ABRACADABRA.

Jonathan Ouellet,MIT