Diversity in the UCSB Department of Physics

"Insight, I believe, refers to the depth of understanding that comes by setting experiences, yours and mine, familiar and exotic, new and old, side by side, learning by letting them speak to one another."---Mary Catherine Bateson 

The UCSB Physics Department is firmly committed to improving the diversity of its faculty and students, in the belief that a rich plurality of outlooks and backgrounds is vital to our growth as physicists and to our participation in an increasingly diverse society. Broadening the available talent pool, and drawing from a wider range of perspectives, is absolutely essential in our drive towards excellence.

Science in the 21st century is a highly international, collaborative activity that uniquely bridges traditional cultural boundaries, and this should be reflected in our own Department. Access to the tremendous excitement and successes of modern physics--discoveries which have fundamentally transformed society--should only be limited by one's curiosity, desire, and ability to work hard.

 To this end, we have undertaken multiple initiatives toward raising awareness of the need for diversity, and creating a warm and welcoming climate for all human beings in the Department of Physics. We strive for balance and inclusiveness in our approach to recruiting and retention, curriculum, and academic atmosphere. 

Inclusive and Respectful Climate

Results of the Spring 2019 Climate Survey

Physics Graduate Students

Undergraduate Physics Majors



Resources for students, faculty and staff on diversity at UCSB can be found on our Diversity Resources page.