Personnel & Payroll

Personnel & Payroll

  • Student, Staff and Academic Appointments
  • Limited Appointments
  • Faculty Summer Salary
  • Benefits Questions
  • Time Card Procedures
  • Job Description Facilitation
  • Postdoctoral Scholars Information*
  • Visa Facilitation*

All new hires must complete forms B-F and bring them to Physics;
PRIOR to beginning work.


Anne Turley, Payroll Analyst
3019E Broida Hall

Phone/Fax: 805-893-3270



* Postdocs please contact:

Heidi Bratt
3019E Broida Hall

Phone/Fax: 805-893-2669



A. Instructions

B. Physics Information Sheet

C. State Oath and Patent

D. I-9

E. W-4

F. Demographic Data

     I. Self-Identification of Disability

    II. Self-Identification of Race, Ethnicity, and Veteran Status

G. Direct Deposit

H. Postdoc Dues