UCSB Physics Access Policies

UCSB Physics Access Policies

General doorcode policies

  • Access to Broida and other Physics Department spaces is subject to approval by an authorized PI or faculty/staff member.

  • Do not fill in a request form for another individual. This would defeat the purpose of having a personal, private code.

  • Doorcodes will be removed when the user ceases affiliation with the UCSB Physics Department (i.e. graduation or termination of employment).

  • Any doorcode found to be a geometric pattern, too simplistic, a physical or mathematical constant, or in some other way easily associated with you (i.e. your phone number) will be rejected. Codes such as 123456, 789654, 159753, 314159, or 112233 are requested every quarter, and are rejected.

  • Please select a secure 6-digit numeric value that you can remember.

  • When anomalies occur in a room, the doorcodes are used to determine entry times. Therefore:

    • You never want to share your personal code with anyone.
    • Do not let someone you do not know into a room using your code. If they were meant to have access, they would have their own personal code.
    • Please carefully shield the keypad from prying eyes as you enter your PIN.
  • If someone learns your code, request a new one immediately.

  • If department personnel learns of code sharing or theft, the codes are immediately disabled, and it is the responsibility of the space user to request a new code.

General key policies

  • Lost keys should be reported immediately.

  • Keys must be returned before leaving the Physics Department.

Problems or questions?

Problems or questions regarding door access codes or keys should be directed to access@physics.ucsb.edu and no other address.