UCSB Physics Department Building Access Training Requirements

UCSB Physics Department Building Access Training Requirements

Why do UCSB workers need to take Safety Training sessions?

Prior to receiving access to the building everyone must complete a set of safety training courses. The types of courses required will depend upon the type of areas to which you have access. You may be required to complete more than one type or level or training for access.

UC Learning Center Instructions

These training modules are offered on campus through the UC Learning Center. In order to access these modules you will need a UC Learning Center username also known as a UCSBnetId. Instructions for obtaining a UCSBnetID can be found at Enterprise Technology Services page for establishing a UCSBnetID.

Once you have a UCSBnetId have your PI fill out the form under “Sponsor/PI/Manager Instructions” which can be found here:

Form Instructions for PI:
 Answer no to “Are you submitting the ticket for someone else?” This is
because you are submitting it on your behalf to add another person
 The rest of the info is specific to the person being added


Which training courses should I take?

1. I will be working in a LABORATORY. Laboratory Training Module.

2.  will be working in an OFFICE. Office Training Module.