Lab Safety Training Instructions

Lab Safety Training Instructions

Why do new lab workers need to take EH&S general lab safety training?

Per UCSB policy a general laboratory safety orientation is required for all new UCSB lab workers before lab access is granted. All lab personnel must complete a Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety course, review and sign the lab’s Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP), undergo a Training Needs Assessment, and be fitted for and issued Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Safety Training Summary of Steps:

  • Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety – Online course offered through the UC Learning Center.
  • Training Needs Assessment – Faculty Advisor will contact you to complete.
  • Personal Protective Equipment via LHAT – Faculty Advisor will contact you to complete.
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan – Reviewed, signed, and email sent to

Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety

If you are working in a lab, then you must complete the Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety (LS60) course offered on campus through the UC Learning Center. This course is valid for 3 years. Instructions for obtaining a UC Learning Center login can be found here.

*IMPORTANT* When you log in to the UC Learning Center make sure your Lab Supervisor/Professor/Faculty Advisor is listed as “Manager” under your user profile. (Note: This is not a graduate student, post-doc etc. The "Supervisor" is the faculty member responsible for the lab(s) in which you will be working).

Training Needs Assessment

Upon completion of the Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety course, both you and your supervisor will receive an email directing you to complete a Training Needs Assessment for training on hazards specific to your laboratory. It is mandatory that your supervisor completes this portion of the training process.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Component of Lab Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT)

Effective 3/31/14, new UC Policy mandates that each lab worker has received a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) assessment. This includes the issuance of appropriate and properly fitting PPE as well as documented training on correct use of PPE and a method to clean/sanitize PPE. You will be “invited” by your faculty advisor to complete the Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT). Upon completion of the LHAT, you will receive a voucher specifying your required PPE.

Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)

As mentioned in the Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety course, each lab has a Chemical Hygiene Plan binder which lists different chemical and other hazards specific to the lab. You must review the material in this binder and sign on the signature page. Send an email to stating that you have signed the CHP, making sure to include the date of the signature.