UCSB Physics Purchasing Office

UCSB Physics Purchasing Office

The Department has taken the following proactive steps in the Physics Purchasing Office to promote social distancing and protect the health of all members of our physics community:

 The office will be closed until further notice.   

 Unless your order is absolutely necessary to support the campus during shutdown please do not place it, for all questions please reach out to pos@physics.ucsb.edu.


The Physics Purchasing Office is responsible for acquiring products for Physics faculty, staff and students. Items available for purchase include lab equipment, office supplies, computers, and hardware, as well as specialty items including gases, chemicals and hazardous materials.


What We Do

The Physics Purchasing Office contacts the vendor(s) you choose to order products from and supplies these vendors with the necessary info (such as account number, purchase order number, shipping information, etc.).


Purchasing/Procurement System:

 All purchase orders are placed through Gateway

Purchasing Gases/Cryogenics:

 Download Purchase Request template [this is a Microsoft Word template]
For training/questions please email Erin Ferguson at erin@physics.ucsb.edu or
call at 893-2540 x2.

Gateway Frequently Used Vendors

There are several vendors we order from on a regular basis due to reliability,
familiarity, and availability of product. All of these vendors are punchout or hosted
catalog suppliers on Gateway and many of them have discounts which are
represented with an asterisk.


Office Supplies, Print Solutions and Furniture

 Amazon
 Office Depot*
 UCSB Bookstore
 Tangram*
Computer Hardware/ Software
 Apple
 B&H
 Digi-Key*
 OneSourceIT
 HP
 Shi


 Airgas*
 Bio-Rad*
 Fisher Scientific*
 Genesee Scientific*
 Illumina
 Thermo Fisher Scientific*
 New England BioLabs
 Sigma-Aldrich*
 Qiagen*
 VWR*


 Fastenal*
 Grainger*
 McMaster-Carr
 Waxie Sanitary Supply


Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of common questions the Purchasing Office receives. If you don’t see the answer to your questions here, feel free to email or call:  Erin Ferguson, 893-2540 x2, Physics Purchasing Coordinator, for more information. 


What is a purchase order?

A purchase order (or “ PO” for short) is a document you fill out with the relevant info needed for us to place your order. A PO form is needed for every order we place.

What is a requisition and how can I submit it?

A requisition is a cart that will become a purchase order in the end.

What is a punch out?

A punch out supplier is an approved company in Gateway that allows us to directly order from their website. The punchout supplier icon is located on the home page of Gateway.

What is a noncatalog order?

A noncatalog order is an approved vendor in Gateway but is not a direct link to the supplier website. The form to fill it out is located on the Gateway homepage.

What is a flexcard order?

A flexcard order is an order by a supplier that is not in Gateway and is paid by credit card.