UCSB Physics Shipping and Receiving

UCSB Physics Shipping and Receiving

Shipping Items

 We ship everything from letters and documents to large pieces of equipment. Our preferred shippers include UPS (for domestic delivery), FedEx (for domestic and international delivery), and ABF Freight for heavy shipments.

Please keep in mind that we do not ship anything out via US Postal Service. For information on how to ship something out through the US Post Office, please visit the UCSB Mail Services website.

If you would like to have something please go into Gateway and
create a FedEx or UPS shipping form and input:

 Name, address, and phone number of the recipient
 Set auto-close to no
 Packaging type, dimensions, weight
 If it is a battery/cell
 If it is on dry ice and quantity if so
 Insurance Costs
 Contents of the shipment
 The preferred shipping method (Overnight, 2nd Day, etc.)
 Set quantity to 1
 Estimate shipping cost

For all International shipments please also fill out this form: International Shipment Questionnaire

Please contact the Physics Receiving Office (Broida 1311) in advance for any shipments that might involve special circumstance, such as extremely large or heavy items, items on dry ice, time sensitive materials, etc. to discuss options and requirements.

Shipping Scientific Items

There are instances when additional paperwork may be necessary to ship scientific items both domestically and internationally. While the Material Management group is available to assist you in getting your shipments out in a timely manner, please be aware of these processes and get them started by contacting these offices in advance.

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is a contract that governs the transfer of tangible research materials between two organizations, when the recipient intends to use it for his or her own research purposes, and when no research collaboration between scientists is planned. MTAs are used to transfer a broad array of materials, including biological materials, chemical compounds, engineering components, and even software and data.

MTA Incoming Form
MTA Outgoing Form 

Items that do not require an MTA include:

  • Items that are ordered from a catalog or purchased as "off the shelf" or with a purchase order. This includes items that have not received any modifications from a UCSB lab.
  • Documents, papers, DVDs, CDs
  • Naturally occurring objects that are nonhazardous
  • Items that have been purchased but are being returned for repair or replacement

The Technology and Industry Alliances Office is responsible for processing MTAs, and additional information and forms can be found here: http:// https://tia.ucsb.edu/forms- policies/

Export Control regulations are federal laws that restrict the export of specific items, information and software for reasons related to national security. Research itemsshipped overseas should be coordinated with the Compliance Officer to ensure that they do not fall under the Department of Commerce's Export Administration Regulations or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

The Office of Research is responsible for compliance with export control regulations, and additional information can be found here: https://www.research.ucsb.edu/export-control/for-researchers

Receiving mail and shipments

To receive personal items, please have the sender indicate your address the following way:

University of California Santa Barbara
Department of Physics
1311 Broida Hall
CA 93106-9530