UCSB Physics Storeroom



UCSB Physics Storeroom

The Department has reopened the Physics Storeroom with new measures to promote social distancing and protect the health of all members of our physics community.

Storeroom Hours

·         Open Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

·         Card Access is no longer required, door will remain unlocked during open hours.


Storeroom Protocols

· Maintain social distancing of at least 6 ft at all times.

·         Face masks are REQUIRED at all times in the Storeroom.

·         Disinfect common touch points as you leave. Cleaner and paper towels should be available on the checkout counter. If these are running low then email storeroom@physics.ucsb.edu.

·         The Storeroom checkout computer is active. You should be able to check out as normal. You may need to wake up/turn on the monitor for it to respond. 

· As of November 1st,the Storeroom will be using a new checkout system. Please see this guide on how to check out.



IF YOUR NAME, GROUP, ACCOUNT, OR THE PHYSICS STOCKROOM OPTION IS NOT AVAILABLE: email the business officer/finance person of your department. The Recharge personnel in Physics will then add you to an active account or if a new account needs to be set up, the business person of your department will need to fill out this form



The Physics Storeroom stocks a wide variety of items to help the Research, Academic, and Administrative community on campus. With a wide selection of office equipment, electronic components, laboratory supplies, hardware and computer accessories, the Physics Storeroom is your all-in-one shopping location!

View and download the catalog in PDF format. For the most up to date prices please check the storeroom checkout system.

Email storeroom@physics.ucsb.edu if you have any other requests.


Location and Time

The Physics Storeroom is located at Broida 1301, Building 572. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of common questions the Physics Storeroom receives. If you don’t see the answer to your questions here, feel free to email storeroom@physics.ucsb.edu for more information.

Who can purchase items from the Storeroom?
The Physics Storeroom serves the entire UCSB Campus. Any authorized person with a Project Code can purchase items in the storeroom. In order to obtain a Project Code, please contact your Finance Department to complete this form.

Can I pay for Storeroom items with cash?
Unfortunately, no cash transactions take place in the storeroom. All purchases must be made through Project Codes.

What is my Project Code?
A project code is simply a code connected to a grant or other university funding source. When you purchase an item with the code, the funding source is billed from the storeroom. We are only using project codes to check out with the storeroom from now on. Please reach out to your PI or Finance Department to receive the project code you should be using. 

I’d like to purchase an item through the storeroom that isn’t currently on your inventory. Will you stock it for me?
We are always open to suggestions to improve the inventory of the storeroom. We have limited space for stock, but we are happy to carry items that will benefit a large number of users. If you have an idea for some helpful items to stock please let us know.