Quantum Entanglement in Nature: Superconductors and Black Holes.

Date and Time
Fred Kavli Auditorium of the KITP
Subir Sachdev
Subir Sachdev

Professor Subir Sachdev, Harvard University

Tuesday, May 21 at 3:30pm in the Fred Kavli Auditorium of the KITP

Title: Quantum entanglement in nature: superconductors and black holes.

Entanglement is the strangest feature of quantum theory, which Einstein dubbed ''spooky action at a distance’’. Quantum entanglement can occur on a large scale with millions of electrons, leading to "strange metals" and novel superconductors which can conduct electricity without resistance even at relatively high temperatures. Remarkably, related entanglement structures also arise across the horizon of a black hole, and give rise to Hawking’s black hole entropy. I will describe simple models of many particle quantum entanglement which have shed light on long-standing problems in these distinct physical systems.