Meeting Room Reservations



All meeting room reservation requests should be submitted via the forms found at


Undergraduate Activities

Undergraduate groups must use department conference rooms during normal business hours - 8am-5pm.


Student groups needing meeting space outside of normal business hours should reserve space through Office of Student Life. This policy is standard across the MLPS division.


Door access codes will not be given out at this time for conference rooms. If you need access to a room for a scheduled meeting, please contact a staff member, or to coordinate.


Food and Beverage

Based on our limited janitorial services due to COVID, food or beverages should be served on a limited basis in the conference rooms. We advise that if your group will be serving food, you do so outside at the picnic tables or rooftop (currently unavailable for safety issues), and then move to the conference room if AV equipment is needed.


All trash should be removed from the conference room, and put either in the dumpsters outside, or bathroom trash cans, based on our limited janitorial service.



If you have any questions, please contact