Physics Conference Rooms

Room reservations are actually requests for reservation. Until you have received confirmation of the reservation, it is not approved.

Moderator Process

When the moderator reviews the reservation and approves it, the room will confirm attendance. This is because frequently users don’t notice if the room is already reserved before requesting their own reservation, which results in double booking. To resolve this issue, there are departmental moderators who will review the request and approve the reservation.

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Who Can Reserve a Room?

Only Physics Users can book a room.

When can rooms be reserved?

Undergraduate groups must use the department conference rooms during normal business hours (8am - 5pm). Student groups needing meeting space outside of normal business hours should reserve space through Student Engagement and Leadership.

Can I eat inside of the conference rooms?

No food or beverages may be served in the conference rooms, since COVID has limited our janitorial services. We advise that if your group will be serving food, you do so outside at the picnic tables or rooftop, and then move to the conference room if AV equipment is needed.

All trash should be removed from the conference room, and either put in the dumpsers outside or bathroom trash cans.