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A physics education from UCSB provides the foundation of a top tier education and unlocks a world of opportunities. Whether you choose a BS or a BA, you will be prepared with the knowledge needed to enter a graduate program in a multitude of disciplines or enter the workforce in a myriad of fields. All lecture courses are taught by physics faculty, many of which manage highly sought after research groups. UCSB Physics Alumnus have contributed their talents to the world of education, oceanography, economics, and engineering.

Physics Community

The physics department at UCSB allows students to become well rounded members of our community by providing opportunities to participate in many physics department organizations. Organizations including UDIP, SPS, Women in Physics, and Physics Circus provide many opportunities to grow your experience as a community leader.


Physics students use the Staff Advising Canvas page for important information.


 Academic Advisors

 Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Wellness

The UCSB Physics Department is firmly committed to improving the diversity of its faculty and students, in the belief that a rich plurality of outlooks and backgrounds is vital to our growth as physicists and to our participation in an increasingly diverse society.