Contracts & Grants

Assists with proposal preparation, ensuring applicable guidelines are met; assists with budget development, and other non-technical sections. Serves as liaison with the Office of Research. Manages post-award administration.

Extramural proposals are submitted on behalf of the UC Regents, and therefore all proposals are subject to review by UCSB Office of Research (OR) prior to submission. OR requires a complete version of the proposal to be submitted for review no later than 7 working days before the sponsor deadline. OR requests that all proposals, regardless of sponsor or submission method, be submitted to the sponsor at least 48 hours prior to the sponsor imposed deadline.

The Physics department requests a minimum notification of submission 3 weeks prior to the sponsor deadline.

The Physics Department provides the following Extramural services to Faculty and Researchers:

  • Proposal and Budget Preparation and Submission
  • Financial Reports (web-based)
  • Budget Projections
  • Pre and Post Award Management
  • Request for Advanced Spending  (RAS)
  • No Cost - Extension Submission
  • Award Closeout
  • Interpreting Award Conditions