Assists departmental users with purchasing supplies, equipment, and services in accordance with University policies. Manages departmental equipment inventory.

The Department of Physics Administrative Staff would like to make your purchases of supplies and equipment as quick and easy as possible. When you plan to purchase supplies, equipment, or services using departmental or grant funds administered through Physics, please contact us.

Purchases Over $5,000 (High Value)

A high value purchase is an order with a value greater than $5000 (including tax, shipping, and freight), contains items that are restricted from purchase, or purchases from companies located outside of the United States no matter the value. All high value purchases require a valid price quote and should be included with your purchase request.

Source Selection and Price Reasonableness Checklist

For all federally funded purchases > $10,000 & non-federally funded purchase >$100,000.

This document must be completed for all federally funded purchases ≥$10,000 (including tax and shipping) & non‐federally funded purchases ≥$100,000 (excluding tax, but including shipping), to substantiate the appropriateness of source selection and price reasonableness.

Download the Source Selection & Price Reasonableness form listed under Files.

Equipment Purchases

Inventorial equipment is defined as non-expendable, tangible, personal property with an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more, with a normal life expectancy of one year or more.

When completing the purchase request, please include the building and room number where the equipment will be installed/housed.

 Note: some grants/contracts require prior approval for the purchase of equipment. If you are uncertain, please contact the Extramural Funds Manager before proceeding with your purchase request.

Equipment Disposal

Disposal of any equipment must be coordinated through Physics. If a piece of UC-owned equipment is old, surplused, or lost, please contact the Physics Purchasing Assistant and provide the nine-digit UC Tag# as well as an explanation for the disposal. We can then officially remove the item from the departmental inventory. DO NOT simply throw something away without notifying us first. It is equally important to notify us if you are planning to loan or transfer a piece of equipment to another institution or house the piece off-campus.

Building Manager
Purchasing Coordinator
Storeroom and Materials Manager